Software & App Development

Ascari ITG has been developing tailored software solutions since 2005 ranging from payment and e-commerce solutions, in-house intranet/extranet and reporting platforms through to complex multi-tiered integrated applications across varying platforms (web, desktop and mobile devices) throughout a variety of industries from retail to mining and clients from small business to large enterprises.

We pride ourselves on the ease of use and scalability of applications we build for our clients and ensure that the end-user is happy with the operation of the application and that the software has the ability to grow in line with your business.

Software Integrations

It’s a common occurrence as a business grows to fall into the trap of running multiple systems that do not communicate effectively with each other. However, at a certain point this can result in:

  • Time wasted spent double handling data to keep all systems up to date;
  • Inability to produce accurate reports without manually collating data across systems;
  • Tasks requiring manual completion when there may be an option to automate processes; and
  • Increased human error.

If you’re dealing with a shortfall in your IT systems let us try to find a solution for you by contacting us on +61 (03) 6311 0685 or via email [email protected].